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  • September 2006


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    Friday, September 29, 2006

    Banana company to resume operations
    By Rizalene P. Acac

    The Philippine Fresh Fruits Development decided to resume operations in Paquibato District after Mayor Rodrigo Duterte assured that it would be protected. In a press statement, the company said they would operate again since “they trust and deeply respect the words of the mayor.” Upon learning that two packaging plants of the company were burned allegedly by members of the New People’s Army, Duterte said he would arrange a dialogue with the rebel group. He said he would urge them to stop the harassment of businessmen in the area because they could not give the revolutionary taxes which they demand. The company said they made a makeshift packaging plant to cope with the affected operation. The management said they were not able to obtain a fresh loan to start the reconstruction of the plants. “The initial 20 percent of the operation will be implemented as seven hectares of harvestable bananas greatly affected the boxes quota of bananas,” the statement added.

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